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  1. The daily contributors /supplier should be informed at least 15 days before moving
    1. Newspaper
    2. Milk Supply
    3. Electricity Supply
    4. Sweeper
    5. Cable vendor if any
  2. Admission of children's
  3. Rent Agreement
  4. Aadhaar Update
  5. New Vehicle no. if required
  6. Apply for new Gas connection
  7. Don’t forget to notify friends, relatives and the post office about your new address


  1. Don’t ever under value your goods to save on insurance charges
  2. Don’t leave anything for the last minute
  3. Don’t do it all by yourself
  4. Don’t compromise on good movers
  5. Don’t send valuables like jewelleries things in the moving truck
  6. Don’t ever handover original papers, documents, jewellery, piggy bank etc.
  7. Don’t disappear while moving (Be with the packing team on the day of moving. You may want to direct them or advice them about your belongings)
  8. Don’t forget anything behind. Make sure you do a thorough walk-through to ensure that everything has been loaded onto the truck

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